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The Toddler Diaries

by Kiindred | posted 28th February, 2019

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Toddlers excel in many things… being cute at the right time, throwing tantrums in public, asking plenty of questions & negotiating over EVERYTHING.

Sure they bring a lot of laughter and joy in your life, but let’s be honest…there are days where you feel like you must be the only person dealing with such a difficult and exhausting little human.

Here’s the thing. They aren’t being naughty or challenging on purpose – they’re toddlers! It’s the way their little brains are wired – they are learning and it’s the only way they know how to get their needs met.


Most toddler parents would be able to relate to the same challenges, especially when it comes to the evening shift. Whether your little one is tired from a big day at daycare or has reached tipping point after a day going stir crazy at home… you are bound to end up at 5pm witnessing some of the below characters.

The Avoider

It’s been a long day for this little guy and one would think that he would be happy to be home. But no. Getting out of the car is clearly ruining his life plan.

The Runaway

You ask them to get in the bath, they hear run down the hallway (naked) as fast as you can. Following instructions has never been a strong point.

The Critique

If you served up a gourmet toddler meal, it wouldn’t be good enough. Food is the enemy – unless it’s bananas or bread of course.

The Drama Queen

Being a toddler is a tough gig! Especially when you are expected to wear matching shoes and have parents that forget to cut the crusts off your sandwich. How dare they!

The Tech Addict

Whether it’s 10 minutes or 10 hours of screen time – it’s going to be a battle either way. I guess we will never understand the fascination with those YouTube videos.

The Negotiator

The relief of hitting bedtime or is it? Let the list of requests begin… I’m thirsty,  I need to go to the toilet, I’m scared of the dark, can you pat me?

You see parenting toddlers is a tough gig! There are going to be plenty of times where you question yourself and start googling for answers – only to turn around and be charmed by them the minute something cute comes out of their mouth.

Remember, no matter what your parenting style or character your little one may be #yougotthis.