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Stokke Jet Kids Bed Box


Stokke Jet Kids Bed Box

by Kiindred | posted 10th March, 2019

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BedBox® is the ultimate travel gadget for children up to 6-7 years of age. It is your child´s hand luggage, ride-on suitcase and bed/leg-rest, in the very same box.

Ride-on suitcases are one of the most popular travel gadgets ever made for children, and are sold in their millions each year. Kids love them, and parents love them! Why? Because they solve some of the hassles experienced when traveling with small children.

Gliding through big airports on a ride-on suitcase is a fun experience for kids, and solves that part of the journey in a positive way.

For many parents though, the real hassle about traveling starts when the child has to be seated for hour after hour. That is why Stokke has developed the BedBox®, a patented children’s ride on suitcase that easily converts into a comfortable bed/leg-rest. The leg rest feature can be used for children all the way up to approximately 5-6 years, and the ride on suitcase can be used from when they are able to sit safely on their own (3 yrs), and all the way up to approximately 7 years.

For more information and to shop the BedBox®, go to the JetKids website.