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9 Things To Consider When Choosing Baby Names

If you haven’t had a name in mind that you’ve loved forever, then it’s likely that choosing a name for your first, second or even third born will take a little time. Everyone has their own opinion on what constitutes the perfect name, but what do you do if you’re feeling overwhelmed and just not…

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The Lowdown On Dummies

My eldest two were dummy babies. They took to it easily once I made the decision to offer it to them but with number 3, she just wouldn’t have a bar of it. On the few occasions I tried to tempt her with it, she just spat it out and gagged. This suited me perfectly…

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When Do Babies Start Talking?

Although your baby won’t be having a conversation with you at 3 months of age, they are certainly taking in everything you are saying to them! This is one of the reasons why it is important to talk to them as if they are a talker, even when they may not be responding to you…

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Top 5 Ways To Connect With Your Toddler

Welcome to the wonderful world of toddlerhood! It can be tough keeping up with those little growing minds and all the antics that come with their adventures. Whether you are a stay at home parent or managing the juggle, there will be times where you question if you are going to make it through the…

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Baby Massage: How To Guide

Touch is the first sense that we acquire and some consider it, the very first language we learn. It’s universal. From the very moment a baby is born, they are placed on their mother’s chest or abdomen, to give them as much skin to skin contact as possible. This contact stabilises a baby’s body temperature,…

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Practical Tips For Teaching Your Child To Count

There is usually a lot of excitement that comes when you first discover your little one can count! Now this might only be 1-2-3 but it is an achievement and one to celebrate. Children get great joy in showing off their new found skill, especially when it gets quite the response from you. As they…

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How To Prevent Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or SIDS

When you have a baby, you will find yourself in endless conversations talking about your baby’s sleep. Now everyone has an opinion when it comes to doing things the ‘right’ way.  You will hear from mums that co-sleep, ones that are totally against this ‘unsafe’ practice and others who have their little one in a…

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7 Ways To Bond With Your Newborn

Learn 7 easy ways to bond with your newborn through play and baby massage. Learn how to interact to ensure your baby is developing all their senses.

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Practical Tips For Teaching Your Child To Write

Typically, parents will think of writing as something that isn’t achievable for preschoolers. After all, it’s hard to write when you can’t yet recognise letters or spell words. However, the foundations of writing actually begins early on – from colouring in to crayon scribbles! Simple ways to encourage your child’s writing skills Encourage your little…

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Personal Experience

How To Relieve A Constipated Baby

Understand your baby’s stool, how to relieve a constipated baby, how to support your baby through their discomfort – and when to seek support from your doctor.

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