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Daylight Savings. How will it affect your baby or toddler’s sleep?

It is always the question on every mama’s lips when you first realise Daylight Savings is about to begin or end – how will it affect my little one’s sleep? Will they suddenly start waking at 5am? Will they be cranky all day? Well the answer could quite possible be yes but resolving this is…

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Introducing Your Newborn To Your Fur Baby

They say dogs are a (hu)man’s best friend, but there’s nothing quite like seeing your beloved fur baby and your real baby together. The bond they share is something that is like no other, and if it’s your first born then it really is like their first friend or sibling. But while this picture is…

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Modern Mama Biostime

What Type Of Modern Mama Are You?

There’s an old saying that you’re the best kind of mum – until you actually become one. We all go in with the best of intentions, but the reality is most of us are just surviving, one day at a time, because you quickly realise that being a mum is really bloody hard. Well for…

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working from home with a toddler

Working From Home With A Toddler In Tow

There is nothing that brings on mum guilt more than working from home with a toddler in tow. As I am writing this, my 4 year old just asked me “how much longer do you need to work for mama?” followed by “Oh… 10 minutes is a long time!” Cue instant heart break. All she…

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20 Tips To Help You Sleep During Pregnancy

Being pregnant basically feels like you’ve constantly got a hangover – without the fun of the night before. Because the reality, and irony, of pregnancy is that you’ll probably never get worse sleep. Sure when baby comes the sleep is broken and you’re up at all hours, but for the most part when your head…

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crawling toddler

Tips For Bottle-Feeding Your Toddler

There is often a lot of information out there to guide you through your baby’s first year of feeding but what happens once you enter the next phase of toddlerhood? What milk can you give your toddler? If you are already bottle-feeding your little one, feeds can now be made up from cow’s milk, a…

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The Toddler Diaries

Toddlers excel in many things… being cute at the right time, throwing tantrums in public, asking plenty of questions & negotiating over EVERYTHING. Sure they bring a lot of laughter and joy in your life, but let’s be honest…there are days where you feel like you must be the only person dealing with such a…

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Pregnancy & Childbirth Explained For Your Man

They say that passing a kidney stone is the only thing that’s as close to – if not more painful than – childbirth. But do kidney stones come with nine months of hormones, sickness, tiredness, discomfort, hyper-emotions and result in the most life-altering experience of your life? No, didn’t think so. (Disclaimer, I’ve never had…

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Living With Neurofibromatosis – NF1

Let’s talk Neurofibromatosis. This happy little face plays without a care in the world. She dances like no one is watching, laughs with her entire body and loves with all her heart. But this happy little face also lives with a genetic disorder commonly referred to as NF1. Now most people haven’t heard of this,…

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