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Get Remarkably Organised In 2019

by Emmy Samtani | posted 30th December, 2018

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If you are anything like me, you will be ending the year still feeling like there is so much to do and possibly in denial that it is even December. Is the New Year really only days away?

I am a Virgo and like to consider myself a fairly organised person but when you are out numbered by little people and time is always against you, you are bound to come unstuck along the way. Add to this the current pace of life and having technology at your fingertips – you are bound to feel overwhelmed from time to time.

The reality is none of these things are going to change but that doesn’t mean how you manage it all can’t!

Lorraine Murphy explains what happens is that a lot of us go into ‘reactive mode’  reacting to everything from requests from our colleagues and families to traffic and late-running appointments. This is why you often get to the end of the day and haven’t ticked one thing off that list! This can have a huge impact on how happy you feel in life.

So if you have ended the year feeling:

  • Demotivated
  • Procrastination has reigned supreme
  • You have moved further away from your goals
  • Life feels overwhelming
  • You have been forgetting deadlines
  • You wake up in the middle of the night feeling stressed about your never-ending to do list

.. it’s time to invest in yourself in 2019. We spend so much time and attention on making sure the kids needs are met and the household is being managed but often forget about ourselves in the process. This is something I am never good at but I’m making sure that’s going to change in the new year.

SWIISH X Get Remarkably Organised

Lorraine Murphy is the author of the best-selling book Get Remarkably Organised and has a wealth of practical advice and useful tips when it comes to getting shit done. Her techniques are easily implemented and give you life-long strategies, so that you can regain control of your to-do list and start achieving your goals once again.

Due to the success of the Get Remarkably Organised book and subsequent workshops, Lorraine has turned it into an online program!

What’s even more exciting, is that she has teamed up with two of my favourite sisters Sally and Maha from SWIISH. This is the perfect collaboration, since the trio are aligned in supporting women to live their best life through practical tips and advice.

What’s Involved In The Online Course?

The Swiish Gets Remarkably Organised Program is an 8 week online program – kicking off on 1st February 2019. The training distils the key principles of the book ‘Get Remarkably Organised’ into an informal, straight-talking and entertaining course. Over the 8 weeks, you will work through new exercises (not available in the book), and be guided through a step-by-step process to help you get remarkably organised.

You will receive weekly modules straight to your inbox. In the videos, Lorraine will discuss that week’s topic and then you’ll work through an exercise together. She’ll set you a challenge for the week ahead and Sal and Maha will be there right alongside you, sharing their wins and challenges as they tackle their own challenges each week.

Midway through the program Lorraine, Sally and Maha will host a live Q&A. This is your opportunity to ask your burning questions and for you to get a halfway point pep talk! They’ll answer any questions you have, troubleshoot specific challenges the group is experiencing, and cheerlead the hell out of you as you make some small but significant changes in your life.

You can find more details on the program here.

Personal Outtakes From Get Remarkably Organised

I am big on having routine in my life. There is absolutely no way that I would have been able to launch my business with 3 little people in tow, if it wasn’t for having experts guide me along the way. I follow Daily Rhythms for all my little one’s needs, am a lover of checklists for managing the home and use the best project management tools for business. But even then I fall into the procrastination trap every now and then and need that extra kick in the butt – especially when it comes to personal goals.

Get Remarkably Organised offers simple strategies on how to regain control of your time and day. I love the practical tools that Lorraine provides and find her resources super helpful for keeping yourself in check.

Participating in a coaching session with Lorraine is an invaluable investment! Just take a look at her instagram account and you will see her advocates championing her cause. The same goes for Sal and Maha, through SWIISH they have created a community as passionate as they are at making sure you are living your best life and caring for yourself both inside and out.

This is one investment in yourself that you won’t regret.

Emmy x