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About Kiindred

There is an overwhelming amount of information to digest when you become a new parent. From books that look like encyclopaedias, to endless parenting sites, blogs and influencers – all wanting to share their story.

I had a pretty clear idea of how I wanted to start my parenting journey but boy did that change quickly. Nothing can truly prepare you for what lies ahead, until you have your precious newborn in your arms. I clearly remember when my newborn ‘woke up’ around 6 week mark, and this ‘go with the flow’ mum quickly realised there was a lot more I needed to learn about my baby’s needs. This is when you start calling on Google.

After trouble-shooting on my own, I noticed a real lack of ‘easy to digest’ content that was targeted to the modern day parent. I didn’t have time to search through multiple resources to find the answers – I had a precious newborn to feed and cuddle! Through my own Mother’s Group experience,  there also seemed a lot of commonalities with the support we all needed. After digging a little deeper, this hadn’t changed much over the years.

So why couldn’t this be more easily accessed… surely there’s an app for that? It felt like the parenting space hadn’t quite caught up with technology.

The Kiindred journey began.

After a lot of research and planning, we launched our brand into the parenting space – all whilst going through the newborn to toddler years myself. Through this time I met with a lot of experts that help to support me through my own parenting journey. This really helped to evolve the Kiindred offering, as we set out to make Expert Advice more accessible.

In 2017, Kiindred officially launched its online brand with a lifestyle app, offering expert guidance, support and inspiration for the modern parent.

In early 2018, The Expert Series  an online video course that allows users to learn directly from the experts:

Series 1 Mothercraft Expert, Chris Minogue – is the ultimate parenting guide to your newborn, baby or toddler.
Series 2 Toddler Behaviour Expert, Stephanie Wicker – helping parents navigate the challenging toddler years.

I really hope that Kiindred brings you the support and guidance you need, to navigate your parenting journey with confidence. We are forever evolving and have an exciting line up of experts and brand partners headed your way… be sure to stay across our updates.

Thanks for supporting our journey so far!

Emmy x

Expert guidance, support & inspiration
for every stage of your new parenting journey.

Our Products

Our portfolio is unique in the fact that we have the ability to serve personalised, relevant messaging that are contextual to a child’s development stage. Our content covers expert advice, support and inspiration for the modern parent.

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    Mobile App

    Created for the 'modern parent' in mind, our mobile app provides personalised content based on your baby's age and is the must have 'all-in-one resource' for new parents.

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    Expert Series

    Get access to Australia's leading experts via our online education platform, with on-demand courses covering the Newborn to Toddler years.

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    A beautifully designed site, delivering rich content for new parents across expert advice, entertainment, product and services.